Kolkata to Gujarat tour plan

Kolkata to Gujarat tour plan

Gujarat is a western state of India, surrounded by Rajasthan to the north, Maharashtra to the south, Pakistan to the northwest, and Madhya Pradesh to the east. The state is a mix of different cultures and traditions, showing the traditions of actual India. No other states of India have a long coastline like Gujarat. There are several beaches along the coastline and Gujarat has some of the best beaches in India which is an ideal destination for tourism. Gir forest, the home to the Asian lions. There are several monuments and castles with historical significance, evoking magnificent images of ancient architecture. And the nation of father- Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat’s Porbandar city. Pilgrims and tourists frequently visit Dwarka, Verbal, Pabgarh, Bhadreshwar, Shamlaji, and Jain Temple of Gujarat. Alongside its various destinations, the art industry of Gujarat is also known for its fascinating handicrafts, textiles, foods, festivals, and colorful lifestyle.

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Another description is given below for where to go and how to go-

From Kolkata, you get the train Porbandar superfast express and Ahmedabad superfast express, which is scheduled from Howrah Jn. And Bhuj expresses from Kolkata Jn. Or you can reach Ahmedabad from Kolkata by air.

1st day

Reaching Ahmedabad take the car from Ahmedabad rail station or airport. Check in to your hotel, have some breakfast or snacks, and Take a rest. Eat lunch earlier ready to see Ahmedabad in the afternoon.

The places to see in Ahmedabad are-

Shri Swaminarayan Temple, which is located in the Kalupur area of ​​Ahmedabad. This temple was built under the direction of Swaminarayan. The main complex of the temple is spread over a wide area giving a spectacular view of the temple.

 World Vintage Car Museum – The collection includes the world’s best luxurious Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Bentley Motors, Cadillac, Aston Martin, and more. Pay Rs. 500 and enjoy a drive to a limited distance.

Kankaria Lake is famous for the carnival which takes place in the last week of December. Enjoy the toy train ride, archery, gymnastic, water rides here.

Dada Hari Wav – This ancient structure depicts the architecture of the earlier era. These step wells were created as retreats during the summer. Gets filled with rainwater, whatever the weather, it always stays cool.

After visiting these, come back to the hotel in the evening.

2nd Day and 3rd Day

Check out from Ahmedabad Hotel and reach Dwarka. See the local sightseeing spots and have breakfast and lunch in the middle of roaming. Complete exploring Dwarka within 2 days. The places to see in Dwarka are-

The 43-meter-high lighthouse. Which was inaugurated in 1962 Tour Tourists can enjoy aerial views of the sunset.

Rukmini temple is dedicated to Rukmini Debi, who was the wife of Lord Krishna.

Dwarka beach– It is a good place for an evening walk or hang out.

Nageshwar Jotirlinga temple– it is one of the 12 Jotirlingas in India. The huge, beautiful, and artistic statue of Lord Shiva captivates tourists and pilgrims.

Dwarkadhish temple– It is dedicated to Sri Krishna. The black-colored idol of Lord Krishna of this temple is so attractive that the devotees feel the presence of the god in front of them.

Visit a tiny beach island, called Dwarka Bet and Gomati ghat, and Krishna temple.

4th Day & 5th day

In the morning after getting breakfast, leave the hotel and set for Verbal. On the way visit Gandhi’s birthplace in Porbandar. Have lunch on the way. The distance to Verbal from Dwarka is about 240 km and it takes 5 hrs or more. So, you will reach Verabal at the evening. Have a visit to Verabal temple. You can see the evening arti. The next day start exploring Verabal and its sightseeing spots.

The major sightseeing places are-

Along with the world-famous Somnath Temple, the Somnath beach is also an important part of the travelers. There has no permission to swim. But, you can enjoy a camel ride on the beach.

Visit the Panch Pandav Cave. There is a temple which was dedicated to the Five Pandavas Brothers. This area gives a spiritual environment.

Laxmi Narayan Temple- This temple is famous for carved 18 pillars. Where the sacred message of Krishna is carved in the form of Bhagavad-Gita.

Tribeni sangam temple– It is the point, where the Hiran River and Kapila River merge with the Arabian Sea. Tribeni Sangam is believed to be a sacred pilgrimage to Hindus.

Bhalka Tirth is a place where Krishna was shot by a stranger’s arrow. It is also a pilgrimage to Hindus.

6th Day and 7th Day

Distance from Veraval to Bhuj is 420 km. and takes 8-9 hrs. So, check out the hotel of Veraval as early as you can. Grab your car and set for Bhuj. Take breakfast and lunch on the way. After reaching the hotel in Bhuj, it is better to take a rest. The next day morning start your journey again. See the spots in Bhuj-

Bhuj has many things to offer you.

In the wildlife list, Bhuj has- Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve.

Natural beauty spots like Kutch Fossil Park, Bhuj Hill Garden, Hamirsar Lake, Pirotan Island, etc.

Architectural objects like- Koteshwar Temple, Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, and Aina Mahal.

8th Day and 9th Day

Start for Diu from Bhuj in the early morning. It will take almost 10 hours. Visit the Diu sightseeing places which are on the route. Reaching the hotel, have dinner and sleep. On the 9th day morning, keep exploring around Diu.

In Diu you can see- Ghoghla beach, Diu fort, sunset point and naiad caves. Get back to the hotel and take a rest of the remained time.

On the 10th day, morning leave Diu and set again for Ahmedabad. Spend the night in Ahmedabad. In the 11th day morning, you can see the remained spots of Ahmedabad if you have the evening or night train or flight. Otherwise complete Ahmedabad exploring on the first day.

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