Best Sundarban trip

The Best Time to Visiting Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is a mangrove area within the delta formed by the confluence of
Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers within the Bay of Bengal. Dark woods
with slightly of silence is that the habitat of not just the ferocious big cats with stripes but
also to the various species at the Sundarbans Park. September to March are the
simplest months to go to Sundarbans, the winters being the foremost pleasant time to go to.

Summers have high temperature, which is not a good time to enjoy. Rainfall is sort
of heavy during monsoon, which last from mid-June to mid-September. After the monsoons,
fair weather prevails until mid-March.

The Sundarbans may be a cluster of low-lying islands within the Bay of Bengal, spread across India and Bangladesh, famous for its unique mangrove forests. This active delta region is among the most important within the world, measuring about 40,000 sq. km. The Sundarbans Park may be a park, tiger reserve, and biosphere reserve in West Bengal, India. Sundarbans mangrove forest is that the single largest home of the Royal Bengal Tiger (tiger). Sundarbans is additionally the sole mangrove forest within the world having the tiger as its indigenous population.

In general touring Sundarbans is considered safe. The people are nice, friendly and helpful towards tourists. September to March are the simplest months to go to Sundarbans, the winters being the foremost pleasant period within the area. Summers might be quite hot and send the temperature doping up, but are a perfect time to go to the wildlife sanctuary. The winter season is that the best time not just for a cushy excursion within the dense forest but also for the higher wildlife animals sighting as they are available out from the dense forest and enjoys the sun on the river banks. You can enjoy the boat safari during this pleasant weather and may also enjoy the varied local foods that you simply will get while on the boat during your day safari. Apart from the winter season, visiting during the opposite seasons are considerably less comfortable for the Safari in Sundarbans thanks to one or one more reason. Fascinating life forms await you during this largest estuarine delta within the world, Sundarbans.

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