Dooars tour from Kolkata

The short trip to Dooars

The Dooars or Duars are the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North-East India around Bhutan. Duar means ‘door’ and therefore the region forms the gateway to Bhutan from India. There are 18 passages or gateways through which the Bhutanese people can communicate with the people living within the plains. This region is split by the Sankosh River into the Eastern and therefore the Western Dooars. The Western Dooars is understood because the Bengal Dooars and therefore the Eastern Dooars because the Assam Dooars.Dooars tour from Kolkata Dooars is synonymous with the term Terai utilized in Nepal and northern India and forms the sole nitrate-rich plain in India. Once here, most visitors realize the attraction of Dooars is more about the places, the journeys, the tea gardens, the mountain views, the greenery all around and in fact its people and their culture. Dooars may be a way of life, that’s to be experienced, not seen. Repeated visitors to the region, do not follow typical itineraries, they look for new destinations to relax, to enjoy the serenity and mingle with nature and its people. Reach Dooars by morning. After having breakfast and freshening up, you’ll start your day by visiting Chapramari park. Since it’s located far away from Dooars, it’ll take around 4 hours including the time period. After lunch, you’ll visit Gorumara park which is on the brink of Chapramari. Dooars is the gateway to Capitol Hill stations of North Bengal and Bhutan. Famous for its tea gardens, forests and therefore the River Teesta, it’s ideal for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The region is understood for its wildlife sanctuaries where one can spot herds of deer, one-horned rhinos, elephants, guars and reptiles. Dooars is often visited throughout the year, although the simplest time considered to go to Dooars tour from KolkataDooars is between mid-September to May, The tea estates have tons to supply all year and every season has a different excitement and experience. November and December are an honest time to go to Dooars. Top 5 places to visit in Dooars : Wildlife. NATURE, DOOARS. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife. NATURE, DOOARS. Buxa Tiger Reserve, Bird Watching. THINGS TO DO, DOOARS. Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary, National Park. NATURE, DOOARS. Gorumara National Park, National Park. NATURE, DOOARS. Jaldapara National Park.

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